Does My Bump Look Big In This?

Well it’s time to face it, none of my normal trousers fit anymore.

A crisis point was reached last week when the last of my more sympathetic jeans failed to do up. The bump is emerging, and although still pretty small, I don’t want to just buy normal clothes in a bigger size that’ll only last a few weeks, so there was only one thing for it, deep breath, I had to go to a maternity shop.

I hate clothes shopping at the best of times, being a bit of a giant I’ve been dreading trying to find stuff that’ll fit pregnant me, but to be fair it wasn’t quite as traumatic as I’d imagined. I decided on the maternity section of the Oxford street Top Shop, knowing that at least they made some of their trousers long enough. I did indeed find some jeans, a few tops and something called a bump band. I was relieved to find that there were separate changing rooms as I was even less keen than normal to fight for a cubicle with 14 year old stick insects from Essex, hoping to be talent scouted for a modeling agency! I was also pleased to spot two other women of similar bump size to me also trying to figure out how the expandable jeans worked!

Anyway, I tried the stuff on and ooooh how comfy those jeans were after the badly fitting stuff I’d been in all day! I seriously considered just pulling the tags off and asking if I could keep them on. The bump band was also a revelation, it’s just a band of material you wear around your belly to cover up the gap when normal tops get too short. Well normal tops are always too short on me, I just wish they did them for non pregnant tall women! I bought two, I figure when I do get big I’ll need them to hide the gap when maternity tops get too short!

So I am a lot more comfortable now, many thanks to those who gave me TopShop vouchers for Christmas. All that’s left to do is hide those pre-pregnant jeans at the back of the cupboard and hope that someday I’ll fit into them again!


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