Ooh Hello In There!

We’ve now reached a bit of a pregnancy milestone and quite an exciting if rather freaky one. I’m starting to feel smidget move!

At least I think that’s what it is. The various pregnancy books, websites, email updates etc. seem to think this is about the right time and have a variety of ways to describe the sensation. These include butterflies, fishes, bubbles and the very helpful – “feels like gas”. Well given that my digestive system isn’t the most cooperative at the best of times, telling me to look out for sensations akin to indigestion doesn’t help a great deal. Especially as pregnancy hormones just love to mess with your guts as much as everything else. Apparently your whole digestive system slows down so it has time to get as many nutrients as possible from the food. Well I’ll leave you to imagine what er, knock on effects that has!

Anyway, back to the point of this post, as I’m quite a connoisseur of digestive sensations, (TMI?) I’m pretty sure that what I’m feeling is Smidget, and I’d go with the fishes description, or more precisely it’s like a medium sized Goldfish flapping about. It’s really lovely to be able to feel it and along with the growing bump it’s making me feel properly pregnant, if you see what I mean. But it’s also very, very strange to have another person doing back flips in your belly and does occasionally cause me to stop what I’m doing so I can stand still with my hand on my belly and say “ooh, that’s odd, hello!”. This makes little sense to people who don’t know I’m pregnant, or who are just random people in the street. Although if it’s a London street it’ll be one of the least strange things they’ve seen that day. So it’s probably ok.

So far I have determined that Smidget likes bus rides, upright dining chairs accompanied by large dinners and the Quins beating Gloucester in a last minute rugby premiership shocker. At least that’s if you assume wriggling a lot is a sign of approval, it may be just the opposite – if so we will have to work on that young Smidget!


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