Have Bump, Will Travel. Part 2

Or, Who stole the sleep from the “sleeper train”?

Bit of a longer trip this weekend, up to Edinburgh to visit Auntie Jo! The train on the way up was fine, apart from the rather grumpy middle aged businessman in the seat next to me but Fred joined the train in Doncaster and we re-located to some spare seats, much nicer (plus very cute baby at table opposite).

We had a lovely weekend and also managed to catch up with some other friends now living in “Edders” – ooh and had hot chocolate with marshmallows in the coffee shop where Harry Potter was written! I even managed to drag myself up a big hill – tho this led to the discovery that large steps up are no longer practical as my knees are obstructed by hitting my belly! Nice.

The trip back was less fun, we were on the sleeper, which I’ve done before and was fine with, and this time we had beds and everything! However, for the previous trips I was a good few years younger and a lot less pregnant! oooh not comfy – I went straight from the train to work in the morning, but had to give up, go home and come back after a couple of hours sleep, before giving up again about 3.30pm. Oh well, I guess I have found a limit there! All fine now tho after a couple of nights in my own (stationary) bed.

No picks from Edinburgh yet, but I’ll update this if any surface!


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