How Many Doctors Does It Take To…

Fix an ear infection?

Well so far the answer is 1 GP, 2 Pharmacists, and someone from GSK (the pharmaceutical company). Oh, but the ear infection isn’t actually fixed yet!

I’ve been having a very frustrating day today. Even very minor medical conditions are made that bit more complicated in pregnancy because very few drugs are declared safe. That doesn’t mean to say that the others are unsafe, just that they haven’t (for obvious ethical reasons) been tested.

Anyway, I went along to the GP this morning with another of my many ear infections, she wanted to give me antibiotic pills, but as these make me very sick she agreed to give me the drops I usually have. Unfortunately when I got to the pharmacist I found out that they no longer make these. So the rest of the day was spent with many phone calls between me and the Dr, the Dr and the Pharmacist and the Pharmacist and the drugs company, oh and the drug research unit at a couple of hospitals too, trying to find drops that I can use.

The upshot of this is that no one wants to give me the alternative drops just in case, so I’m about to start on that odd banana flavoured medicine you get as a kid, (amoxycillin) in the hope that it makes me less sick than adult antibiotics! We’ll see.

Meanwhile some poor chap in a basement at Guy’s hospital has been tasked with trawling through the literature to find an answer for the future.

Which does the raise the question:
Given that:
1- lots of people get ear infections
2- lots of people get sick on antibiotics
3- lots of people get pregnant

How has this not come up before?

Perhaps it has, Medical friends – do you know any better?


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