Have Bump, Will Travel. Part 3

Well, this is it, the end of the dashing about (hopefully) as of last Friday I am no longer allowed to leave the country (well not on our current travel insurance anyway) and over the next few weeks I reach the point where airlines would require a doctors note to let me fly.

Anyway, as Fred has said, we had a lovely time in Tarifa and I coped pretty well with flying on squeezyjet. As you probably know, you don’t get an assigned seat, so it’s a bit of a scrum, they do however board those with children under 5 first – so it was quite tempting to go up at that point (they didn’t say the child had to have actually been born)! Actually on the way back one lady did insist that I go to the front of the standard boarding queue, which was very kind of her, especially as she had a kid with her herself, but was a wee bit embarrassing!

We’ve also had a weekend in Devon at my parents house which was lovely and my very clever Mum made me a frock for a wedding we’re attending next month. We also took my wedding dress down there to store – slightly distressing to compare the size of the waist on my beautiful, boned wedding dress and my also beautiful but considerably more generous maternity dress! Oh Well.

So that’s that, I don’t currently have plans to go further than Essex or Guildford pre-Smidget, and tho it has all been lovely, after 6 weekends away in a row, I’m really looking forward to being at home for this one.

One last note on travel – it’s finally happened! Coming home on Monday, somebody offered me their seat on a London bus! I was rather surprised, but very greatful after the long ear saga that day- so thank you nice lady!


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