Stuff The Midwife, Someone Send For Sigourney Weaver!

I should probably confess that I’ve never actually seen any of the Alien films in it’s entirety. I tried once but I’m a wimp about that sort of thing and had to turn over, but I think I get the jist. Anyway, our little alien is certainly making his/her presence felt now and all manner of odd bulges and wriggles can now be seen (and certainly felt). I keep getting a little lump near my (rapidly vanishing) belly button, which when rubbed feels a lot like a foot and tends to be tucked back in when you prod it, tho occasionally it kicks back, which is very odd! I’m pretty sure Smidget isn’t planning to make his/her entrance to the world by bursting through my abdomen, but I do wonder what on earth he/she is up to in there sometimes!

Hmm, I seem to be feeling less inclined to refer to Smidget as “it” now that “it” is feeling a lot more real. But as we don’t know if it is he or she, perhaps I shall adopt the policy of pregnancy books and websites and alternate the gender for each post from now on, hope this doesn’t confuse anyone!


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