The Home Straight

On Friday I hit the 30 week mark which means I’m now well into third trimester territory, (tho exactly when that started seems to vary depending on who you ask). So it’s probably time to face up to the fact that this is going to have to end at some point and that point is gonna have to be me, giving birth, to an actual baby! In preparation for this event I have done a number of things:

1- Stuck my fingers in my ears, gone la la la la la and not thought about it
2- Realised that isn’t really going to help
3- Panicked slightly
4- Bought and used hypnotherapy pregnancy relaxation CD, giggled the first time but then felt much calmer (I can recommend this a lot actually sounds all a bit hippyish but it’s lovely and calming if only because it makes you sit still and relax for half an hour)
5 – Visited hospital birth center*
6 – Panicked slightly
7 – Sobbed at Fred, used relaxation CD, felt better
8 – Started pregnancy yoga classes*
9- Joined the NCT*
10- Actually bought some baby stuff*
11 – lots more relaxation CD, yoga and intermittent mild panicking

*I think points 5, 8, 9 and 10 warrant some expansion, but as this is a lot to catch up on and I don’t want to turn this into an enormous and even more waffly than usual post, I’ll split it up into separate posts. If I were a good blogger and had kept up to date with this it wouldn’t matter, but clearly I’m not!

I also promise to put some more pics on soon, honest!


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