All Together Now: Ommmmmmmm

Get us – actually posting stuff on the blog regularly!

As mentioned a couple of posts ago, I’ve started pregnancy yoga classes. I’d been doing a general yoga class, but got frustrated at not being able to do all the poses (standing on your head not recommended apparently) and did myself a bit of an injury over-stretching in one move (the hormone relaxin, released during pregnancy to make everything stretch, makes you feel a whole lot bendier than you really are). So, following a week hobbling about like an elderly cowboy after a particularly arduous cattle drive, I decided it was time to opt for something a bit more tailored to the current situation.

I am now attending pregnancy yoga classes in Soho, which has been great, if faintly ludicrous. Basically, imagine a trendy, minimalist attic containing 15 women with bumps ranging from “might just have had a big lunch” to “she can-nay take much more of this cap’n she’s gonna blow!”, on all fours, waving their backsides to and fro as if they were ponies with particularly luxuriant tails. In addition there is a lot of careful stretching, some of it moderately strenuous and the inevitable pelvic floor exercises (I told you EVERYONE wants to talk to you about this)!

We then arrange ourselves carefully (I’m using the c word a lot in this post) on our left sides (the recommended pregnancy lying down position) with a series of cushions and foam blocks and the instructor says something calming and slightly daft about golden light bathing our eyes or something. I can’t be more specific on the talky bit as by this point I am generally either A: mostly asleep or B: trying not to giggle as Smidget has totally missed the point of this relaxation business and is doing a polka against my ribs.

Anyway, I come away feeling calm and less achy than before so it’s worth it and I often use some of the movements when my back, hips etc etc etc get stiff at other times. However, I am yet to try the “tail swishy pony” move at work, a lab floor is not really the place the get in touch with your pelvis and I suspect the health and safety man would have a heart attack, but give me a few more weeks and I may decide to risk it!


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