Bump Pics

I haven’t put any bump pics on here in a while and I suspect that the only reason some people come on here is to see me getting good and fat so I thought it was time for an update!

Before: to prove I haven’t always had a huge belly! Well not quite before, as unknown to me I was already a wee bit pregnant at this point. These were taken on holiday in Spain.
2-3 weeks

24 Weeks: Right then jumping forward a bit, but back in Spain, this time Tarifa for our last pre-baby holiday.

(I thought it was only fair that there should be a pic of Fred on here too)

27 Weeks: These ones were actually done for the blog, but it’s taken me until now to post them (sorry) I think the bump looks a lot smaller than it really was at this point, being held in by the now rather tight rugby shirt I think. This was taken post match (hence me looking a bit rough) – just as well it was nearly the end of the season really, I don’t think the shirt would have held out much longer!

Mighty Quins bump!

30 Weeks: Again not taken specifically for the blog, but you get the idea, bump looking a lot bigger now (tho the fact that I’d just eaten a big pie may not have helped!)

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