Bump Pic 32 Weeks

So, finally, here is an up to date pic of my ever expanding belly. This was taken today so it’s 32 + 2.

We were trying to take all of these pics in the same place – in front of the wardrobe doors in the bedroom, but have had to relocate to the spare room for this one as our bedroom got flooded on Thursday! No, it wasn’t my waters breaking, it was the neighbours poorly plumbed in washing machine. So we are in a bit of a state of chaos in the flat at the moment, tho luckily only the bedroom got wet and we’ve got good weather for drying stuff out. Smidget had better not get any ideas of turning up early tho, we were just starting to get organised and it’s all gone a bit to pot for the moment.

Anyway, back to the point – here is the picture!


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