Bump Pic 33 Weeks

Getting a bit better at doing this regularly now, so here I am plus bump on the beach this weekend. Like all good British beach pictures it was howling a gale and threatening to rain – so ignore my crazy hair please!

And no, I haven’t just shoved a football up my jumper!

Last week saw my final 5 day working week. I’m trying to work up to 38 weeks, but am getting very tired now so rather than start my maternity leave early I am using up some holiday to take off one day a week for a good nap. Role on Wednesday, and yes I am counting the days till I finish now (it’s 20 btw)! I’ve was also finally been caught by the stretch mark fairy! Booooo! I’d got this far and was starting to wonder if I’d get away with it, but no! Oh well, I don’t think I’ll be getting my belly out in public any time soon anyway!

We’re still in post flood chaos, but hopefully we’ll at least have the carpet back down next Friday, the nesting urges will have to stay away until after that.

I’ve now moved on to the “birth preparation” stage of the relaxation CDs, only it’s working a bit too well at the moment as I’ve fallen asleep every time I listened to it! Will give that another go this evening I think.


One thought on “Bump Pic 33 Weeks

  1. You're in the final stretch! Expect the lst few weeks to feel like an eternity I'm afraid. Then time starts moving very quickly! My “newborn” will be 5 months old in a few days, already trying to crawl, definitely rolling over and gaining opinions about things fast.
    Be prepared for more war trophies on your belly too, most of mine appeared in the last 2 weeks. Now after having 3 of them, my belly resembles a roadmap. Ah well. They fade…eventually!


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