Bump Pic 36 Weeks

Well the bump is coming on a-pace, proof below! This was taken this morning, hence the Bracknell face lift hairstyle, oh my it’s too hot for long hair!

Bump 36+5

I’m now only 2 days away from the 37 week mark, the point at which Smidget will be classed as full term. Horrah! amongst other things this means that if he/she decided to put in an appearance I’d be able to use the low risk midwife unit at the hospital, which is a whole lot nicer than the medical unit and would mean Fred could stay with me the whole time and we could all go home together after just a few hours, rather than me being shipped off to a ward with a new born while Fred is kicked out to, er smoke a cigar or something.

So in theory Smidget could be here pretty soon, tho as it’s a first baby there is a good chance he/she will be fashionably late. That said two of the NCT Mums have just had their babies this week, both about 12 days early! This has sent me into a very mixed world of excitement and panic! I want to meet this baby, I want the birth over and done with and I’m hot, heavy and uncomfortable, but ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh – there is really no way out of this now! lol!


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