FAQs: Heatwave Special!

“How are you coping in the heat?”
Thanks to everyone who’s been asking how I’m coping in the current heatwave. I’m doing ok, being at work still may actually be a bonus as the lab has lovely lovely air con! Getting to sleep at night is a bit of a nuisance, but it was anyway. We bought a big fan at the weekend, and I have stocked the freezer with ice pops so I’m ready for it! Personally I blame Wimbledon, After years of rubbish summers it decides to be hot this year and why? They put a roof on centre court – it was inevitable that it would be a hot summer after that!

“How are you doing?”
I’m doing pretty well for this stage of the pregnancy. I have a few little niggles, I can’t sleep for very long in one go before something starts aching, Smidget is doing a good job of squashing my lungs making breathing a bit hard work, my back is complaining slightly and my walking speed is embarrassingly slow. Fred can now pigeon step at the same speed that I walk (yeah, very funny dear) and if I try to speed up I get nasty sharp ligament pains, which have been frightening people at work. Heavily pregnant women gasps and grimaces – male scientists look vaguely panicked, he he. But all things considered non of it’s more than a nuisance, it’s probably no bad thing that I am being forced to slow up a bit and it’s all worth it when I feel the little one wriggling about. Hellooo in there!

“Have you got everything ready?”
Until very recently the answer to this was no, as all baby purchasing was put on hold while the flat flood was sorted out. However over the last couple of days I think we have bought or ordered almost everything that we really need before the baby turns up. Just waiting on the cot mattress to arrive, god bless the Internet and the lovely receptionists in our building who must spend half their day signing for baby stuff for us! No doubt there will still be something we’ve forgotten and a last minute panic at some point!

“Are you still at work?”
Yes, but only 6 days left! I’m not working Wednesdays now, so my last day is a week on Friday.

“Are you getting excited?”
oh yes very! I want to meet this little person now, I’ll be glad to have the birth bit over and done with too (Tho not until I finish work please Smidget – waters breaking in the lab would be a wee bit embarrassing)!


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