Bump Pic 38 Weeks

So we are now officially full term, and Smidget could make an appearance at any moment, tho being a first baby he/she is quite likely to be a bit on the late side. At the moment I’m quite happy for him/her to hang on in there for a wee bit longer, I finished work on Friday and feel like a few days of solid lazing about would be pretty welcome right now. Just clearing out my desk was pretty exhausting! I don’t really feel particularly pleased or sad or anything about having finished work at this point. Perhaps it hasn’t really sunk in yet, the idea that I’m not going to work for a year is pretty strange tho. At least I get 3 months on full pay so I have a little while until I’m a kept woman – now that really will be odd!

With any luck Smidget will stay put for just long enough for me to get really bored, that way I should be feeling keen to get the whole birth bit, not to mention the first few chaotic weeks over and done with.

Bump at 38+2

So, I’m hoping there will be a week 39 bump pic, but perhaps not a week 40, 41 etc. we shouldn’t go any further than that anyway as the hospital policy is to induce at 41+5, so by that reckoning Smidget should be on his/her way by August 4th (worth saying tho that inductions can take days, so let’s hope it doesn’t come to that).

Right, time to go and listen to my birth preparation relaxation CD again – and see if I can manage to stay awake until the end of it this time – I wonder if there is some really important bit at the end I keep missing – at least it proves it must be pretty relaxing!


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