D Date

Well I am supposed to be having a baby today! Not sure that anyone has told the baby that tho.

It’s very odd to think that after 40 weeks of waiting I’m finally at the point where Smidget is supposed to be coming out to meet us. Of course most first babies are late and only 5% of babies are born on their due date, so it’s unlikely that it actually will be today, but it is still proving to be something of a landmark, and as news of the other babies from the NCT class continues to arrive (there are now only 2 of us left to pop) I’m getting increasingly impatient.
I don’t think either Fred or I slept very well last night (well I haven’t really slept well in months but this was different). A combination of excitement and trepidation took hold and I was left feeling like it was a cross between the night before a big exam and the night before Christmas. So I’m feeling pretty tired today and hoping to get in a nap before there is any action!
Actually I hope Smidget will hang on until tomorrow as his/her Auntie Charlotte would like a new niece/nephew as a birthday present.
I’ve not had any big signs that labour may be immanent, a few little dull aches and tightening sensations, but nothing regular or painful, still perhaps it’s my body starting to gear itself up. So it’s just a waiting game now. I have a midwife appointment scheduled for next Wednesday so if nothing has happened by then we’ll be discussing inductions, which I am really not keen on so come on Smidget!
BTW I am now 11 episodes into my West Wing DVD marathon and can confirm that curry does not induce labour.

One thought on “D Date

  1. Oh bless you it must be so hard to be patient.
    S/he will be here very soon and it will all seem worth it. For now i would just put your feet up and sleep 🙂



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