Bump Pic 40 Weeks

Well I said I hoped there wouldn’t be a 40 week photo, but it seems that Smidget doesn’t read the blog. So here I still am! Slightly different angle from the last pic, maybe a bit less scarily huge looking?
Bump Pic 40+1
We’ve been enjoying what may (hopefully) be our last baby-free weekend for some time. As all too many people seem very keen to tell me that I will never get any time with my husband/friends/ to sleep for the rest of eternity I’ve had plenty of naps, been out for a very nice lunch with Fred, and a pub roast with a few friends. We also popped in on one of the other NCT couples and their very gorgeous 8 day old son. This last activity has not helped with my impatience one little bit!
So, with the rather scary birth bit somewhere on the horizon, and much as it was nice to get time with Fred/friends/the duvet I’m going to try to avoid the “your doomed” advice and instead hang on to the much more welcome ” it’s all worth it when you hold your baby” version (bit of a tip there for anyone talking to large and hormone riddled women) I just hope I get to test it out soon.
Stay tuned folks…


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