41 Week Bump Pic!

Yep I am STILL here and have the photos to prove it!

41+0 Dive Smidget Dive!
It’s been a bit of a roller coaster this week. I started the week thinking that nothing was progressing and the likelihood was that I was heading for an induction next week. Not what I wanted at all, but having put my mind to accepting that it would be a medicalised birth I actually felt quite cheerful to at least have a plan and an end date.
Of course having then said this to several people, it was inevitable that the goal posts would be moved, which happened on Wednesday when I went to see the midwife. (WARNING: incoming TMI alert) She did a membrane sweep , which is supposed to get things going and discovered that I was actually already 1 or maybe 2cm dilated, fully effaced, softened and head engaged the sweep also brought on the “show” (If none of that made any sense, basically it means that all is primed and ready to go, I won’t explain it all as frankly most of it is quite minging and you can all google it if you really want to). The midwife said she’d book me in to see her again next Wednesday and book an induction for either that day or the next, but she was pretty confident that it’d happen by itself before then.
So, back to plan A and I was feeling quite pleased again, but now another 3 days have passed and still nothing but the ongoing aches and tightening that I’ve been having for a few weeks and I’m starting to get very very frustrated with this now. It’s not being helped by the fact that all the other NCT babies are now here and have been for nearly a week, the oldest two are a month old already!
Grrr, oh and to add insult to injury the cricket was rained off today so I couldn’t even watch that!
PS. I can now confirm that curry definitely doesn’t work, (was worth another go tho hey?) neither does pineapple, raspberry leaf tea, membrane sweeps, walking, stair climbing, acupuncture (tho that was nice on my back), cuddling other peoples babies or being prodded by my friend Rachel.

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