A new arrival

Our little one has finally arrived! Evelyn Amy was born at 2:33AM (BST) this morning weighing in at 9lbs 10oz and (perhaps unsurprisingly) is 62cm tall.

The labour started on Sunday afternoon, lasting nearly 34 hours. Every technique in the book was tried to get the baby out, ending with a c-section in the small hours of the morning. Mum and baby are still at the hospital, probably until Thursday. Both are doing fine, but exhausted. Dad is also exhausted, but not expecting any sympathy for that.
We’ll post a picture and more details as soon as we’re organised enough.

2 thoughts on “A new arrival

  1. Woohoo! Welcome Evelyn. Looking forward to meeting her. Best wishes to Kirsty for a good recovery and I hope you have a magical first few weeks together.

    Hope you are making the most of your last chance to sleep for quite a while Fred 🙂


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