Return to Nausea. part one

No – I’m NOT pregnant again! But two things have happened this weekend that have me remembering those first trimester days.
Sunday saw my first hangover in more than a year. Round about now it’s pretty common to utter those well intentioned words:
“That’s it! I’m never drinking that much again”.
Before accidentally going out on the lash the following night. Well lately I’ve been thinking that having a baby is what finally makes you stick to that resolution. The thought of the morning after starting at 6am with a screaming infant, however much you may adore her, is just too awful to contemplate.
Ahhh smug parent, how wrong you were.
What I hadn’t factored in was just how much of a lightweight I now am! So on Saturday night I headed out for a Christmas curry with some old school friends and had a cocktail. All very exciting, and feeling fine I moved on to a GnT before deciding I’d better stop. Now you have to bear in mind that back in the good/bad old days I could put away about 8 pints of Guinness on a night out with the rugby team (Mum – if you are reading this, that is a total exaggeration and not true at all, honest), so two little drinks didn’t seem like an excessive amount and I felt fine. Until the next morning that is. Oh dear, oh dear. Thank heavens for heavily salted crisps, diet coke and Fred being at home!
That’s it, I’m never drinking that much again.
BTW, anyone worrying, no I didn’t feed Evelyn while tipsy, Fred gave her some I prepared earlier.

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