Return to Nausea. part two

If you have just read the last post and are now thinking I’m a terrible mother, here is my defence. There are times when a girl needs a cocktail with her curry and staring down the barrel of a house move is most definitely one of those times.
We currently live in a two bed flat in central London, it’s pretty much ideal for a young couple enjoying big city life, but it’s slowly being infested with small, brightly coloured creatures that play slightly annoying tunes and hurt when you tread on them. So we have resolved to move to a proper grown up house. We started this process by viewing three houses on Friday and another two on Saturday:
1: Good price, tiny house- LED underlighting in the kitchen – what on earth is that about???
2: Nice house, ok price but would need masses of work – pink corner bath and avocado toilet anyone???
3: Lovely lovely house, good price, traffic nightmare road,
4: Nice big house, ok price, too much work – Downstairs loo put in the wrong way round so you have to get into it via the garden. What????
5: Great house, perfect condition, brilliant price!!!
(Curry and stiff drink)
So yay to house 5. But here’s the snag, the current housing market isn’t nearly so slow as you may think, it’s been doing it’s (credit) crunches and lost a lot of weight. So it can move quicker, and a great house at a great price is not going to hang around long. It went on the Market on Thursday, and on the major property websites on Friday. On Saturday they had 8 viewings and by the time I called to book a second viewing on Monday they had an offer, by lunch time that was three offers, two at the asking price!
This would seem to count us out as the reason for the good price is that they want to move quick and we’re not even officially on the market yet. However, the asking price was actually a reasonable amount below our maximum budget, so in a moment of bravery or perhaps madness we called back and made a higher offer.
Hence my second dose of feeling rather nauseous. This could well be our perfect family home, we’d never need to move again, all the space we need, no work to do, great area with great schools… or we could just have said we’d spend a huge amount of money we don’t actually have yet on something we’ve only seen once!!!
ARGHHH! Well after a day of feeling excited, worried and a little bit sick we’ve heard that the vendors have accepted another offer. I need a long sit down and a stiff drink, tho perhaps on second thoughts I’ll skip the drink.
And Evelyn’s reaction to all of this? Well she dribbled on a couple of estate agents and screamed at a couple more, so that makes me feel kind of warm inside ;o)
19 weeks
PS. anyone want to buy a flat?

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