Special Dietary Requirements

Wake baby up – prepare baby’s food – feed baby – clear up tornado like scene of devastation – put baby to bed.
And Repeat.
This is pretty much the timetable for us here at slummy towers at the moment. The weaning is coming along nicely and Evelyn is now on three solid(ish) meals a day. Throw in the four breastfeeds she’s still having and a whole lot of napping and not a lot else gets done around here.
In theory Evelyn could just have mushed up little versions of what we’re eating, but babies don’t do low calorie, so our fridge is suddenly full of long forsaken little treasures. Full fat milk, cheese, yogurt and slabs of butter are fighting for space with their “healthier” brethren- Nigella would be very proud of our fridge right now. 
She would not, however, be too impressed with me. One of many foolish assumptions I’ve made in the last year was that any weight gained during pregnancy would be easily lost by breastfeeding. What I hadn’t factored in was a moderately epic labour, and an emergency c-section leading to many, many  weeks sitting on my bum eating kitkats. Even now, as Evelyn approaches eight months, I’m still a lot heavier than I’d like to be. So, no full fat anything for Mummy, desperate times are upon us and I’ve embarked on an actual diet (just to make the job of keeping everyone fed that little bit more complicated)! 
Here then is an example of us “sharing a meal”:
Dinner for Kirsty:
Steamed Salmon, broccoli and green beans, 3 boiled new potatoes
Dinner for Fred:
Steamed salmon, broccoli and green beans, roughly 20 boiled new potatoes and a glass of wine  followed by a low fat yogurt.
Dinner for Evelyn:
Salmon poached in full fat milk and butter, served with a sauce of carrots, tomatoes and butter with broccoli in cheese sauce (made with butter) followed by two full fat fromage frais (butter-free).
I guess all this cooking must burn off some calories right?
Better go, time to puree something.

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