Moving on

After an intensely stressful few weeks we have just exchanged contracts on our flat and on our new house! On Monday we will be leaving slummy towers after almost six years. 
While it’s fair to say that I can’t wait to have more space, a garden and a lovely park on our doorstep I will also be very sad to leave. 
This is where we rented our first place together, then decided that we liked the building (and each other) enough to make our first major commitment – a mortgage. This is the place we headed off from with our backpacks for adventures across the globe and where we returned to filthy, exhausted and pathetically grateful to our lovely friend Guy for leaving us bacon and OJ in the fridge. 
We’ve had parties in silly costumes and wasted far too many Sunday’s playing Mario Karts while trying to recover from excessive  Dim Sum consumption. 
We came back to this flat after getting engaged in New Zealand, planned our wedding here and when the job was done Fred carried me over this threshold. This is of course also the place where I found out I was pregnant, where I sat about like a lead space hopper and where we brought our baby home to from the hospital.
It’s been good times little flat.
I was thinking all this as I came down in the lift this afternoon. As I left the building a young couple were telling the concierge they were there to meet an agent to show them a flat. They looked nice, I hope they take the flat and I hope they will be as happy here as we have been.
         Friends “help” us move to our first flat in Slummy Towers, summer 2004
       Warming the new flat – Goldfinger party 2005
        New Years Eve/ Engagement party – Gold, Frankenstein and Grrrr 2006/2007
       New years 2008/2009 – Getting through the party season without letting on I’m pregnant
      Posing for some early bump pictures (17 weeks)
      Bringing our baby home

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