Out of the Mouths of Babes… and Mums

Don’t wipe bannana in your hair
or tomato
Do you really want to mix bannana and tomato in the same mouthful?
huh, apparently you do.
Evelyn is in another rapid development phase, teeth keep appearing (13 at last count), crawling is disturbingly speedy and she is definataley finding her voice. Her attempts to sing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” are, at best, dubious still but she has a great vocabulary if you know how to interpret it:

Quack, did originally mean Duck, but will now do for any kind of animal
Fluur, is flower or anything pretty
uh-oh, Bear, Baa, Boing and Bye are quite recognisable
but I am yet to figure out what either ffffwuh!! or BA!! mean, they do however both seem to need to be shouted while pointing at something or other in the distance.

I really suggest you hold on with at least one hand – you’re not nearly as good at balancing as you think you are poppet
ok I’m coming.

She can also say Dada and Muma, although not necessarily to us. Frankly I’m just pleased that her first words weren’t something far worse. I spent a lot of time in the early weeks weeks watching episodes of “The Wire” and “Life on Mars” while breast feeding. Both are cop shows and both contain some very creative use of bad language. So I’m relieved that she hasn’t yet launched into anything obscene in a broad Baltimore or Mancunian accent (although one of her Grannies might have been pleased with the Manchester accent)

Why not eat one of the (half dozen) raisins in (both) your hands?
(rather than holding them out and attempting to lick another, seemingly identical raisin, off the table)

But the nicest thing I have heard this week was on Monday when we paid our first trip to our new local library for the baby and toddler morning. After the obligatory singing of songs I’m sure we didn’t have when I was a kid (“we all know Frogs go brrum on a motorbike” – anyone?), a boy aged about three came over to Evelyn and started playing with her, after a few minutes his Dad came over and told me that they were at the same nursery and his son had recognised Evelyn. The boy then spent several minutes rounding up all the best toys to bring over to her, and when we had to leave said “Bye bye, I’m really going to miss you”. Now that’s sweet.

No, that isn’t DaDa
no, nor him, 
still no, you’re going to get me a really bad reputation you know

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