That’s One Small Step…

Well, news hot off the press – Evelyn can walk!

Fred and Evelyn go to a “sing and sign” class on Wednesdays. She loves it and this week, sufficiently distracted by Jessy Cat or perhaps “Don’t wipe your nose on the sofa”, she stood up and walked off unaided for the very first time. I heard about this by text while I was at work and spent the next half hour trying very hard not to get teary at my desk as I’d missed it (damn these soppy Mummy hormones!). Evelyn made it up to me when I got home though and after a bit of encouragement, wobbled over to me for a big hug!

Life doesn’t get much sweeter than that.

A few minutes later we were able to get a video of her – there are a few false starts but she gets there in the end and is so very pleased with herself! Oh and (if you a have the sound on) please try to ignore our very over excited encouragement and also my rather dreadful attire! I’d just run home from work – I don’t really do running so I’m never likely to arrive home looking good!


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