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Gosh it’s been a while! Not that it’s felt like it as time is just whooshing past us at the moment, but we’ve all been very busy so I’ll just use this post for a quick catch up.

Since the last post we’ve finished off work on the living room and dining, taking us from this:

Before we moved in, thick textured wallpaper and a massive fake stone gas fire

Very toddler friendly glass arch

Via this:

Behind the fake stone fireplace – we found a fake wood one!
And behind the wallpaper, lots of holes and some odd wooden panelling
Under the carpet however were some rather lovely boards!

To this:

We’ve also had our first Christmas in our new home. In fact it was our first Christmas ever in our own home and it was rather lovely. For Christmas day itself there was just the three of us, we had a nice but not massive Christmas dinner, a walk in the park and then settled in by the fire with the films on TV. Evelyn is still too young to understand what’s going on, but she’s certainly got the hang of presents and had a wonderful time ripping off the paper, playing with her new toys and playing with the cardboard tubes the paper had been wrapped around, these are currently something of a favourite!

Ok – which ones are mine???
Presents with Daddy – good thing we got that chimney opened up!
Working off Christmas dinner at the park
mmm cosy

It’s been a period of massive changes for Evelyn too and I think we’ve now just about swapped the label of “baby” for “toddler”. In addition to the walking, which is now pretty proficient (and slightly less like an extra from Shaun of the Dead),  her vocabulary is expanding daily and she currently uses 82 recognisable words. We don’t count any that she just repeats in songs etc and doesn’t know the meaning of, but there are a lot of them too and she can give a reasonable approximation of at least half a dozen nursery rhymes (ok I’ll stop being the gushing parent now). She’s also experienced her first chance to play in the snow!

What on EARTH is this Mummy?

Next up for the house is our bedroom – work started there this week and next up for Evelyn is of course more and more words and walking backwards which she was trying out yesterday, much to her own amusement!


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