The Water in Menorca

As I left off talking about holidays, I may as well pick up there.

This Summer we braved our first ever family foreign holiday, it was also our first fly-n-flop style package holiday, not that there could be much flopping with Evelyn around!

Things I have learnt from this experience:

1- Never get seats 21 D-F on Thompson airways (right by the loo don’t recline)
2- Actually if at all possible, unless you are under 4′ 6″ don’t get a charter flight at all
3- It doesn’t matter how much you try to wear Evelyn out, jumping about on a plane is far far more exciting than sleeping on one
4- The two most dangerous words in the English language are “dessert buffet”*
5- Much like the frog who will stay in a pot of water as it’s slowly heated to boiling point, a toddler will stay in a swimming pool until they are blue with cold, and then get very annoyed with you for removing them and wrapping them in a warm cosy towel, and will then demand ice cream
6- Some people actually give their kids cola, in baby bottles *face palm*
7- Fred CAN actually survive for more than 48 hours without Internet access (who knew?)
8- There is a lot to be said for an exhausted child, a balcony and unlimited alcohol

Beyond that there isn’t a huge amount to say, (just as well given how much else I need to update the blog on!) Our days were spent mostly in the pool and Evelyn, to my delight, has finally decided she likes water, we had a couple of day trips to towns on the Island and spent a bit of time getting covered in sand, we survived the flights and Fred and I came home feeling rather more relaxed, and rather more like we’d actually seen something of each other, than we have done in months.

Would I rather have been having a third crack at climbing Mulhacen or finally managing to bother some Lemurs in Madagascar? Hmmm toughy but to be honest I think no. Those things will hopefully still be possible in the future but after two years of new baby, house move, house renovations, major changes at work, tag-team parenting etc etc, a week of effort free food and booze, swimming pools and snide remarks about Germans and sun loungers was just what we needed.

International Evelyn

Who needs sun-cream when you have this much sand on you?



Throwing some shapes at Junior Disco

Exploring with Daddy
 *Dessert buffet joke copyright Fred

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