When We Were Two

It doesn’t seem possible that another year has gone by already, and yet one year old Evelyn seems very, very long ago. This time last year she couldn’t walk and could only manage a few words, most of them duck related, last week, after nursery, I sat down and had a conversation with her. Ok it wasn’t Frost-Nixon but I asked her what she had done that day and she told me, one year old Evelyn would probably just have said “quack!”

After last years trip to a city farm for her birthday we decided to go one up on that this year and take her for her first trip to London Zoo. So of course, it being August in England, the heavens sent us a biblical deluge, I wouldn’t have been surprised to see Noah with a clipboard just past the ticket line but on the plus side this meant the zoo was pretty quiet and the more sensible animals were taking shelter in the easy to view indoor areas. Que immense delight from Evelyn at seeing a Gorilla, sitting on a branch and actually eating a banana.

This excitement was only surpassed by the walk through monkey enclosure in which Evelyn screamed MONKEY! every time she saw one, getting several notes higher each time until we began to wonder if soon only the monkeys would hear her. 

After all that we gave her the traditional overdose of cake and then presents. Evelyn has now got the hang of this present thing and she greatly approves of it. I think this years favourite toy is a little tin tea set. You generally can’t sit down for all that long in our house now before a little voice says “would you like a cup of tea please”, hands you a tiny tin cup and waits expectantly for you to make appreciative slurping noises.

As if all that wasn’t enough excitement she also had a little party the following weekend, the highlight of which was her and some of her NCT friends playing hunt the snail in our garden (to be honest it’s not hard to find snails in our garden).
So that was that, Evelyn is two, can sing the happy birthday song competently and now thinks the sight of a candle should always be followed by cake and/or presents! She went around chanting “happy birthday Evelyn” to herself for weeks. Goodness knows how excited she’ll be when she turns three but I’m in no rush to find out, two year old Evelyn is great fun.
A year on, but some things never change


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