Reasons To Be Cheerful 1 2 3

My first ever blog hop!

There are a lot of Mummy bloggers out there, it’s a world I’ve not really ventured far into as it tends to make me feel a little inadequate in the arts ‘n crafts and baking fields, but I came across this “linky” the other day and thought it would fit really well with this blog. The idea is that lots of bloggers write a post about things they are thankful for, or that make them happy and share each others blogs on their site. Although I have a fair few rants on here, I try to keep the blog mostly positive and on a Thursday in February I think we all need to share a bit of cheer. So here are my 3 reasons to be cheerful today:

1. The big one – I have a wonderful, funny, clever, eccentric, curious, fascinating, delightful, loving, healthy child

This is such an obvious thing to be glad about yet many parents seem only able to moan about their kids, it’s almost a taboo to say, you know what? It’s all worth it, a million times over. I also know people who, for whatever reason do not have this ordinary joy in their lives, or who have had to battle for years to achieve it. However, tired, frustrated and covered in body fluids you are, if you have a healthy child you are blessed (and yes, you can remind me of this if I start moaning).

2. It’s my husband’s birthday
I have a great husband, it is his mid-thirties-still-honest birthday today and although I know he is feeling very old, he doesn’t seem any older to me than when we met ten years ago. He is still running (new PB today!) and cycling to work, even in weather that makes my stagger to the station painful, and will shortly be starting a new job which should give us all a bit more time together. He is also a great Daddy and there is no more wonderful sight in the world than seeing E giggling in delight as they play some silly game. We probably won’t have much time for celebrating today but we can look forward to seeing friends and family at the weekend to watch the rugby and have a big fat take away.

3. The England rugby team are undefeated in the 2012 six nations!

 I’ll get this in now, I may not be able to say it for long!

9 responses to “Reasons To Be Cheerful 1 2 3”

  1. Here from R2BC…I love your first point and I wholeheartedly agree. I have five children and it is most definitely a privilege I never take for granted! Have a great birthday celebration with your husband and England FTW!!


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