A Weekend in the Garden

We’ve been waiting for months for the right combination of spare time, weather and materials to get a few jobs done in the garden (insert long story involving B&Q here). This weekend it all came together at last and, as E has broken out in some suspicious may or may not chicken pox type spots, we ended up spending the whole weekend out in our lovely sunny little city garden. Living in zone two doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a bit of the outdoors!

The most pressing job was a rotten and worryingly wobbly fence post, fixing it involved Fred excavating half way to Australia, and breaking a spade and an angle grinder. E “helped” by making some massive mud pies then just throwing herself into the pile of dirt.

I meanwhile butchered more of the overgrown shrubs to produce a new bed – ready for veges in the summer and enjoyed our first little hints of spring – dozens of tiny purple crocuses

I also made a start on planting the shady “bed” under our horizontal pear tree (by bed I mean patch of bare earth) – first in Helleborus Niger.

 Evelyn mean while had moved on to Snail hunting, and producing much bigger flowers than Mummy!

A break from all the hard work – giant bubble wand!!

After all that, a complete change of clothes was required, and not just for E, I turned my back to change out of my muddy trousers and when I turned back someone had raided my wardrobe!

3 responses to “A Weekend in the Garden”

  1. That is a lot of space for a city garden, looks like you are right out in a rural village! Glad you got to go out and enjoy it and do hope it isn't “The Pox” or there may be a few more garden days to come!


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