Holiday Reasons To Be Cheerful

Officially I am on holiday this week, and I’m taking that to include blogging, but as I am also very cheerful about being on holiday a little #R2BC post is allowed I think! So this is why I am cheerful right now:
1. I’m on holiday! Well actually at home at the moment but I’ve had a lovely couple of days away, just me and Fred (post to follow about that at some point) and our family holiday at Coombe Mill farm is now very close at hand!

2. But before that – It’s my Mums birthday and she is not at all in any way 60! (sorry Mum) we will be heading down to Devon to celebrate with her and have a family photo shoot on the beach with Sarah Lauren photography – fingers crossed today’s lovely sunshine lasts for that!

3- As E is at nursery, we have nothing in the fridge and today’s to-do list is progressing well, Fred and I are about to pop out to our lovely local deli Bumbuni for lunch, may have to try out their new selection of British charcuterie mmmm.

That’s it! The blog may be a bit quiet for the next couple of weeks as I give myself over to mud, wellies, lambs and cream teas but I’ll report back once we’re safely back in zone 2!
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8 responses to “Holiday Reasons To Be Cheerful”

  1. Holiday! Oooh!! Don't mind me while I stowaway, k? =) I was just first-time-visiting the Coombe Mill blog, and it looks like an amazing place to take the family! Also? Your mom's so going to bop you when she finds out you tattled her age to the internet! LOL! But I know what you mean… My mother will be 65 this year (dang it! I'm getting bopped now, too), and she doesn't look or act it at all. 60 sure isn't anything like what it was when we were kids, is it?


  2. Mum is convinced she is old – but she is far fitter than me these days!! Coombe mill is great – good luck stowing away though our car is packed to bursting point! When did travelling light become impossible? oh yes, when I had a kid!


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