Lessons From My Two Year Old

Dear Mummy,

I know you believe that you are in charge of teaching me stuff (thanks for the eating solids thing by the way I really like that one), but I think there are a few things you could learn from me:

1-Don’t try and hide your belly with a baggy tops and big pants, stick it out proudly, strip naked and run around. The more people and mirrors you can find the better, having a body is brilliant!

2- Satsumas are at least as exciting as chocolate, possibly more so

3-Poos and farts are funny. Shouting “Daddy likes to do poos, PERRR-LOP!” at the top of your voice in the doctors waiting room is even funnier.

4- Why have a party dress and only wear it twice? Dress up for going to the library and doing the gardening too.

5- Tomorrow is ages and ages away, stop worrying about it.

6- If you’re full, just stop eating.

7-The Internet will still be there when I’m in bed, it’ll still be there when I’m 15 and don’t want to talk to you. Right now put it away and come play.

8 – Giggle uncontrollably at least once a day.

9- Stop rushing down the street, slow down and you’ll be amazed at what you might spot.

10- If you’re hurt or sad don’t hide it all away, scream your head off. Sooner or later someone will come and give you a hug.

Love from E, aged 2 1/2

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