Olympic Reasons To Be Cheerful

Back to my normal #R2BC format this week (all be it a bit late). The sun is shining so here’s what’s making me cheerful this week:

1- I’m running in the Olympics!

Well sort of, on Saturday I’m taking part in the National Lottery Olympic Park Run. I (and 4999 others) will be running 5 miles around the Olympic park, finishing off in the stadium. Well I say running, I’m not a runner at all but I was training hard for what would be the longest distance I’ve ever done, when unfortunately I picked up a back injury. I’m now under doctors orders not to run, which is really disappointing but I’m not going to throw in the towel all together, I’m going to walk the course and maybe try a wee jog at the end, a bit of pain isn’t going to make me miss the opportunity of crossing the Olympic finishing line with my little daughter watching me!

2- Its the Easter Holidays!

Hoarry horray! Now that Fred is working in a school he has the holidays off, it’ll be great having him at home with us on my Mummy days and he’s going to take E out of nursery on a couple of my working days so they can get a bit of Daddy-Daughter time again. He’s been really missing that since changing his working pattern and loosing Daddy Wednesday. The only slight down side to this is that I still have to go to work – which is going to be really annoying!

Time to plant some seeds!

3- Farewell Baby Clobber!

I’ve occasionally joked that armies can mobilise with less equipment than I take to the park. This has been especially true recently. Winter meant waterproofs, hats and gloves were in the bag (just in case she ever agreed to wear them), being partially potty trained meant at least one complete change of clothes plus nappies, wipes, flushable wipes, and a portable potty. A desire to walk everywhere, that was quickly followed by a desire to be carried meant the buggy always came too, even if she wasn’t in it (see previous comments on my back as to why the carrying was out) . But…  E is now about 95% reliable with the potty training, the weather is warmer and after our holiday in Cornwall she has proven herself able to walk a fair distance too. So we can now brave a trip to the park or local library, on foot, with no buggy and with me only carrying my handbag – yes a handbag! Not a changing bag! An actual grown up handbag with stuff for me in it! How very novel that feels.


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