R2BC – Legoland!

We had an absolutely BRILLIANT day this week visiting one of my old work places – not normally a fun toddler activity except that this particular former employer was Legoland!! I had a summer job there many many years ago operating some of the bigger rides and it was the most fun (and most exhausting) job I’ve ever done so I’ve been itching to take E there. It is however eyewateringly, hideously, fiendishly expensive so I didn’t want to risk that much money if E wasn’t really old enough to enjoy it. Fortunately a friend tipped me off about 241 vouchers at WHsmiths and that under threes get in free but if they’re over 90cm tall can go on most of the rides anyway. Win! At last having such an enormous child has paid off!

Helicopter school

When we got in we headed straight for my favourite ride – The Dragon’s Apprentice. It’s a mini roller coaster intended for children too young to ride on the big Dragon coaster and I always loved operating it as it got so many cheerful customers. E isn’t the most fearless of children so I wasn’t totally sure if she’d like it, but after clinging on to me a wee bit she LOVED it and got properly into screaming on the fast bit, horray! After that there was no stopping her, the higher, faster and bouncier the ride the more she liked it and at least once came leaping off a ride that had reduced an older kid to tears, shouting “AGAIN!! AGAIN!!” *Proud Mummy*

Spot the rather tall Daddy…

I had wondered if we would spend all day in queues as it was the first day of the Easter holidays but there was only one really long one, for a ride that takes you in little “submarines” through an aquarium. This wasn’t there when I was an employee and I’ve not been on anything like it. Small sharks swim alongside you taking a peak in and you can really appreciate the beauty of a ray swimming at top speed when you’re at eye level with it. Big fans of Octonauts would love this!

A ride without the parents – she looks a little too pleased about this

There seems to be a lot more there than when I was wearing the uniform and as we were moving pretty slowly with E on foot we didn’t get to everything, but having only paid for one of us it was still well worth it. E did really well walking the whole day and with no nap, I was amazed that we made it until closing time with no major tired grumps – but she was fast asleep and dreaming of dragons by the time we got out of the car park!

If you want to be a big pigeon in a small town….
A very rare photo of all of us

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6 responses to “R2BC – Legoland!”

  1. Looks like a fantastic day out, the aquarium ride sounds fantastic!!! I really want to take my tribe there for the day, but it's the cost and distance that puts me off. Glad you had a good day and the weather was on your side


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