So here it is, one of those grainy grey photos that is pretty unintelligible and possibly rather irritating to everyone else, but which means the world those posting it proudly on facebook/twitter/blogger etc etc

Yep, I’m pregnant again, introducing Smidge2:

We found out while we were on holiday at Coombe Mill . Just like the last time it was only our second month of trying (we are incredibly lucky), and just like last time I was convinced I wasn’t pregnant. I did the test just to be sure, as we’d been warned that pregnant women shouldn’t handle the lambs and ewes (oh and there were some very cute orphaned lambs that really needed me to cuddle them). I emerged from the bathroom, shaking slightly, holding out the oh so romantic plastic stick and mumbling something along the lines of: “Oh my god Fred, it’s coming up positive” (actually it may have been less polite than that). Just like last time, Fred was delighted, while I was somewhat wide-eyed and in much need of a good sit down and a cup of (now decaf) tea.

Writing this now, it already seems like a long time ago – BLOOMIN HECK the first trimester drags!

Since than I have mostly been hiding my head in the sand and the rest of me in a series of increasingly frumpy clothes. I didn’t want to think beyond that all important 12 week scan, partly out of worry that something could go wrong, and partly because my memories of the latter stages of pregnancy, and especially of giving birth are not exactly fond ones. But now that I’ve seen the little creature waving, wriggling and generally being uncooperative on the hospital screen I’m starting to let myself get excited and look forward to meeting Smidge2. Boy or girl? Will he/she be completely different to E? How will they get on with a 3+ yr age gap? What will it be like caring for a new born second time around? What will E think of being a big sister? I’m increasingly intrigued to find out – although I’m still rather hoping that someone will invent birth by teleportation before November!

PS I have a whole lot more to update the blog on, it’s been rather frustrating keeping quiet on this for the last few months, but I’ll stop here for now and try to add posts in the next few days and weeks. In the mean time – anyone have any tips for pregnancy second time around??

PPS – this is very clearly my reason to the cheerful this week!!

17 responses to “Pregnant!”

  1. Ahh, pregnancy second time around…
    Much more tiring! Because you're chasing around after a toddler. Forget having the chance to put your feet up etc and it's definitely easier to be at work in the last couple of months, rather than taking maternity leave early! But it does mean that you hardly have time to think about being pregnant and therefore don't worry/ stress/ etc…
    I'm sure E will be very excited about the growing bump – C certainly was and stroked it/ talked to it/ sung to it etc…
    And don't stress too much about birth – C's birth was pretty horrendous, but E's was many many times better! If you're worried, maybe consider a doula – we probably would have, if we hadn't been moving house etc as well….


  2. CONGRATULATIONS! I have a smaller age gap between my 2 so I probably don't have any helpful advice, apart from – try to remember if there are any difficult phases, they will pass ๐Ÿ™‚

    Also, the whole giving birth thing will be a distant memory as soon as it's happened ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. If I'm honest Chris – I think being at work is often easier – pregnant or not! I mostly go there for the rest.

    I had thought about a doula, but luckily because of where we live now (and some of the stuff that happened last time) I've managed to get a caseload midwife, basically a named midwife who is part of a small team so she, or one of the others will be with me at the birth as well as for all the pre and post natal stuff. I'm hoping that would pretty much make a doula redundant – I'm also slightly wary that Doula's might pile on the “natural birth” propaganda – I swear – the first person who tells me I'm “perfectly designed to give birth easily and naturally” this time round is getting my dustiest and heaviest anatomy text book over their head at speed!


  4. Thank you slayer! Sage advice even with only one there I think, can be hard to see past a bad phase when it's still going on. I do hope this birth becomes a distant memory quickly, kind of still waiting for that to happen with the last one though!


  5. congratulations! Too bad the fluffy lambs didn't get your hugs but amazing news on the pregnancy.
    Cant wait to read the posts you've been holding back xx


  6. Congratulations on your pregnancy AND for keeping quiet for 12wks (I could never manage that!) Well done on doing the test before you handled lambs etc I wonder how many women miscarry because they handled lambs not realising they were pregnant. My 2nd ended in a miscarriage at 13wks and I wonder if it was because I took a client to a petting zoo whilst pregnant. Try not to worry about the birth as each one is different, in fact my 2nd was a horrible delivery (emergency c-section, blood transfusion etc) yet my 3rd popped out naturally with just gas and air after a 3hr labour! As for the age gap, I have a 2yr gap, a 20mths gap and a 3yr 1mth gap and the best gap I have found is between 3 and 4 which is 3yrs 1mth. They're the best of friends and because #3 had a chance to be the baby of the family she doesn't seem too bothered and gets on really well with the baby. The worst gap was the 20mth as #2 and #3 don't get on at all with #2 constantly jealous and nasty towards #3! Try to rest as much as possible as it's true you'll be more tired because you have a toddler to run around with as well as being pregnant. Don't feel guilty if you find yourself snuggling together watching TV as that is the best thing you can do to have a rest when you feel tired


  7. Thanks Rachel, I believe the risk from handling lambs is very small, but then so is the risk from smelly cheese, pรขtรฉ etc. etc. fortunately we'd been on holiday there before so I remembered from last time and they always tell you on the first trip out. So sorry to hear your story though, at 13 weeks that's especially cruel. I hope my age gap works out well here too then would be lovely if they could be good friends too.


  8. Hey how exciting! I totally know what you mean the 1 tri can be scary. I'm due to have my scan in a few weeks and I can hardly wait. I do worry some times especially as my son is so active and forever jumping on me etc. I spend my days protecting my tummy, lol.

    I look fwd to your other exciting news. All the best and nice of you to share you scan pic, its (pic) lovely :0)


  9. Congratulations Kirsty! Fantastic news! When's your due date? I have just over 10 weeks to go, so excited! Hopefully see u up in Scotland again at some point Sarah xx

    ps: sorry never replied to a blog before so think my name might come up as anonymous!


  10. ooh nearly there then Sarah! Really hope we can get up to Scotland again soon, we seem to have increasing numbers of friends moving up there! I'll be looking forward to news of your little one, I hope you're keeping well xxx


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