My First Trimester in Tweets

A while ago I spotted a few bloggers sharing their “Week in Tweets”, giving a little bit of information about each day in 140 characters or less. I have to admit I’m a wee bit addicted to twitter, which made it agonising not to tweet some of my thoughts during my first trimester, but I didn’t want to go public about the pregnancy at that point, so here are the tweets I would have sent, if I hadn’t have been keeping my virtual lips sealed, one for each week of the first trimester.

Week 4:
Err apparently I’m pregnant again. Planned but #panic anyway #needalittlesitdown

Week 5:
Nauseas, tired and this mornings planned top didn’t fit #andsoitbegins

Week 6:
Sure I didn’t feel this fat, this soon, last time, #panic #gonnabetriplets #financialdisaster

Week 7:
7 weeks? only 7 weeks??? this is going to feel like the longest pregnancy in history

Week 8:
#excusesfornotdrinking 1-I’m hungover, 2-I’m driving, 3-I have hideous indigestion – actually the last two are both usually true

Week 9:
Counting the days to our scan, WILL THIS TRIMESTER NEVER END????

Week 10:
Nothing fits, don’t want to be caught in maternity clothes. Have resorted to looking frumpy and fastening jeans with one of E’s hair bands

Week 11:
Met midwife, I can’t pronounce her name or her mine, but so glad to have caseload team this time. All women should have this option

Week 12:
Counting the days to my scan!! please please please let all be ok, and only one!!

Week 13:
Well hello there amazing, tiny, wriggly little creature. Wow.

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