R2BC – Wiggles, Friends, Bump

I have two rather special reasons to be cheerful this week and I’m going to throw in a first bump picture too!:

1- Wiggles
I’ve felt the odd bit of movement from Smidge2 in recent weeks, but it’s always been in could-just-be-gas territory and followed by days with nothing. But this week he/she has decided to make a proper appearance. Actually I think he/she has decided to take up a very energetic form of street dance! So this probably means I will now get no peace for the next 5 months (actually lets make that 18 years) but it is nice to know that there really is someone in there and it’s finally making this pregnancy feel a bit more real. Hello in there!

This afternoon I am off up to Birmingham, where I spent my student years, for a lovely Uni friend’s hen do! I can’t go into detail of what we’ll be doing as the bride to be hasn’t been told yet but I can say that I am looking forward to, er, most of it! I’m also really looking forward to catching up with some of my old uni flatmates again. Our lives have taken us all over the country and can make it very hard to find time to meet up, or even chat on the phone. But when we do manage to get together we seem to just slip comfortably back into our relationship and it’s hard to comprehend that 11 years have passed since we were all sat around our kitchen table worrying about our finals and how the heck we were ever going to get a turn in the shower!


17 weeks – here we grow!

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