The Baby Brain Experiment

Apparently there is no such thing as Baby Brain. At least there is no evidence of any hormonal or other medical reason why pregnant women and new mums should be a bit, er, ditsier than normal but a lot of people claim it’s happened to them. So lets do a (not at all) scientific observational study. N=1 (me).

Evidence against the existence of the phenomenon known as Baby Brain:

The other night I had an almost perfectly sensible phone conversation with a friend while simultaneously:

  • Bouncing a screaming baby
  • Instructing my husband on how to make up gaviscon for said baby
  • Correctly identifying assorted sea creatures on the DVD E was watching
  • Making encouraging comments about the lobster song that ensued

Surely a fine example of higher cognitive feminine art of multi tasking, and not the least bit fluffy headed.

Evidence for the existence of the phenomenon known as Baby Brain:

1- When attempting to make a cup of tea I noticed my mug was still half full from last time and would need emptying out. However instead of doing this I waited until the kettle boiled and then poured all the water down the sink.

2- After using a knife to open a pack of chicken breasts I rested the knife on the baking tray so as not to get raw chicken on the worktop. Later that evening, while loading the dishwasher, I found the baked knife now melted into the shape of the baking tray

3- I planned to cook a ham on Christmas eve. The day before I got it out of the fridge to check it would fit in the pan. I then put the ham away in the pan drawer and the pan in the fridge*

In conclusion – baby brain may not be a medical condition, but after 3 months without a decent nights sleep it seems pretty real to me!

a bit tired

*Actually the pan didn’t quite make it to the fridge, my Mum caught me in the act and pointed out my mistake (after she’d stopped laughing)

One response to “The Baby Brain Experiment”

  1. Almost guarantee that it was a man who decided baby brain doesn't exist! I'd like to say it gets better – but 17 years later mine still leaps up at me sometimes, although maybe is has slipped into dementia now???


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