#R2BC Feb 15th

It’s a good while since I joined in with this and I’ve been missing it, I think we all need to count our blessings sometimes especially when you are at home with a small baby and life can seem very monotonous at times. So here are my three Reasons To Be Cheerful for today:

1- I’ve got rid of mastitis:
Uch, I’ve been feeling awful, last Saturday was F’s birthday and despite starting out the day pretty well I ended up a shivery, aching mess on my mother in laws sofa. Roughly half of people with mastitis (a blocked/infected milk duct) also get the symptoms of flu – and I was one of that half. But, I think I have it beaten now thanks to lots of feeding, expressing and help from F and my Mum who came all the way up from Devon to give me a hand (thank you Mum you’re a star).

2- Old friends, little girls and science:
An old friend who I met in the girl guides was visiting London this week, she has two children almost exactly the same age as mine and so I joined them on a visit to the science museum. It was a pretty manic day but E immediately made friends with the other 3 yr old girl and the two of them ran around furiously pretending to be aeroplanes, playing in the hands on launch pad area etc. etc. it was hard work keeping up with them but well worth it and of course I was delighted that E took such an interest (although she now thinks that all I do all day at work is shout in echo tubes). I was also impressed by a few little things at the museum that really made life easier as a parent. The baby changing room I used had a loo and space to take your buggy in with you, there were ramps and lifts everywhere and when we stopped for lunch we were given a table at the back with plenty of room for our buggies so we didn’t spend the whole meal apologising and shuffling to make space. They aren’t big things but they are much appreciated!

3- Getting out:
Sleep is pretty rare for me at the moment and has anyone ever actually managed to “nap when the baby naps”? So I’m keeping going by keeping going. I’ve just come back from a lovely walk with M which included a visit to our local cemetery  If that sounds weird it’s not as bad as you think. Nunhead Cemetery is an overgrown Victorian Gothic cemetery and on a sunny winters day it’s magical. Think a walk in the woods where angels keep peeping out at you and there are great views over London.


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2 responses to “#R2BC Feb 15th”

  1. Oh lovely pic! Well to be honest with my first I never managed to nap when he napped and near lost my mind but I don't get the sense its that bad for you :0) My second child is a much better sleep and so I can nap when she does. Well done on getting out and having a play-date with your mates and her kids, times like that is a treat.


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