Busted. This afternoon I found E at the top of the stairs, minus most of her clothes, leaning against the wall and striking a quirky pose while proudly waving a note left by the decorator. Can you guess what the note said?       Of course you can… Some time later that evening…  … Continue reading Wall

All Hail Foot

In case anyone thinks I’m getting a bit self- important after my last few posts, don’t worry, the kids are onto it… We’ve just got in from the park. It’s roughly -103C outside, baby M is asleep and so well wrapped up that she may spontaneously combust within moments of entering the house, at the… Continue reading All Hail Foot

I’m Too Posh to Push – The Telegraph has Proof!

I’ve been AWOL from here for a while, small kids, very busy blah blah blah, but if one thing was going to get me back to the blog it would be shoddy journalism about C-sections. So, thank you The Telegraph, you’ve got me back in the saddle:Here’s the story: “Caesarian rates support ‘too posh to push’… Continue reading I’m Too Posh to Push – The Telegraph has Proof!