Pregnancy in the News

30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 1:  Something Topical

Here we go with the blogging challenge, first up I’m supposed to blog about something in the news. Of course it’s typical that today is one of those rare days where there isn’t a major news article about some study “proving” that having a C-section makes your baby 14 times more likely to turn green or that feeding your child rhubarb will inevitably lead them to a life of crime. So I took to google news search to see what I could find.

Word of advice, never put the word “pregnancy” into google news search, it gets quite depressing. To summarise most of the first page: Caprice is pregnant, Beyonce isn’t. Kim Kardashaian (and I still don’t really know who that is) is getting too much baby advice and Kate Middleton has a yellow coat.

I’m tempted to write – WHO CARES????

But clearly people do or there wouldn’t be so much of this stuff in print. Somehow whether or not a celebrity is pregnant, what she’s wearing and how much weight she is or isn’t gaining is deemed important. I may just have to accept that I’ll never really understand that.

But hidden a little further down that page is this article, about a recent report into infant and maternal mortality. It estimates that 287,000 women and three million babies still die each year due to complications in childbirth or soon afterwards. The report authors suggest that many of those deaths could be prevented if the mothers had access to just four antenatal appointments and were able to give birth in medical centres with skilled birth attendants. Throw in a good dose of health education and access to contraceptives and the benefits will be even greater. They put the bill for this at $24.1 billion a year, it sounds a lot, but look at it this way; for less than the UK annual transport budget, we could provide every mother and baby in the world with adequate, life saving, health care.

But it seems that that’s not nearly so interesting or newsworthy as Kim Kardashian eating frozen yogurt 


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