Canada Water Culture Space

It’s all been a little bit serious on the blog of late – so here is something more fun. A lot more fun actually.

I have a soft spot for Canada Water. It’s where F and I first shared a flat. A studio so tiny that I had to put most of my belongings into storage (including, accidentally, some fairly crucial clothing – oops). A lot has changed in the area since then. I knew there was a big shiny new library but I hadn’t realised that it contained it’s own little theatre, until I was invited to come and take a look.

Canada Water Culture Space is a 150 seat venue, but for kids shows it can also become small and informal. When E and I arrived to see “Yumm!” there were just two rows of seats for grown ups (which was plenty) and the kids were all encouraged to sit/ wriggle about on mats next to the performance area. The show itself was a sort of contemporary dance piece about food and flavours. I was a little worried that it would be overly preachy on healthy eating but they got the balance about right. We went in to find one of the dancers holding a cabbage aloft, while another hid under a giant chair with a small pink cupcake. The kids were encouraged to smell and touch the food and joined in with great delight when a super long string of “spaghetti” was produced and used to entangle the entire stage.

As a venue for children’s theatre it worked very well and not just because of the mats and pasta set up. Firstly it was very easy for us to get there. The library is right over Canada Water station which is on the Jubilee line and the London Overground. It also has lifts to all levels so buggies are no problem. If like us you (somehow!) accidentally  arrive early, then there is the library to explore. E initially insisted that we read books in the little wooden sailing boat but I persuaded her that the sofas looked more comfortable. My only complaint about the children’s area was the TV showing Cbeebies. The sound was off but I kept catching E’s eyes drifting up to it when I was reading to her. The library also has toilets, including some in rooms big enough to take a parent, a buggy and several kids all at the same time (handy). Next to the theatre entrance there is a cafe which looked nice but we didn’t actually try it out – despite E’s many requests!

All in all a really nice and very easy afternoon out with a four year old.

You can find the programme of future events at the Canada Water Culture Space here, there are quite a few kids things and some for the grown ups too.

Disclaimer – Photos were provided by Canada Water Culture Space. I was given free tickets for E and myself to this show

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