How To Buy A Christmas Present That Will Really Be Appreciated

Today is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. I’ve been following @countdeadwomen on twitter as they list all those who have been victims of domestic or misogynistic violence so far this year and, yeah, it is very depressing reading.

Here is something positive though. The charity Refuge help around 2800 women and children every day. On Christmas day they will have women in their shelters who arrived with only the clothes on their backs and their children in their arms. They won’t be able to buy their kids any presents this year, but you can, in a few minutes, for a few quid.
To make it easy Refuge have set up a John Lewis gift list. Anyone who’s been to as many middle class weddings as I have will be very familiar with those! It has a range of gifts for kids and for their Mums from as little as £6, you can just pick what you want to give.  Here’s how:
Go to
Select Buy a Gift
Enter the gift list number: 564013
Browse the list, choose and purchase your gifts
I’m sitting here in my lovely warm house, contemplating Christmas food and still wondering what to buy for my kids this year. For Refuge I’ve bought a toy that was one of baby M’s favourite birthday presents. She has boxes full of toys and whatever I get her for Christmas probably won’t be as exciting as the paper it comes in. I’m ridiculously lucky. I can’t pretend to be able to imagine what it’s like to be a mother in a refuge at Christmas. But I do know the joy that that toy brings to a little child and that, even if nothing else I buy causes much excitement, this gift will be appreciated on Christmas morning.
With thanks to The S-B Blog for reminding me about this

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