Name Me – I Need Your Help!

Time for a change
I’ve been thinking about making some changes to this blog for a while now. I’ve loved sharing my pregnancies and my little adventures with my girls, but E is now at school and will no doubt have her own online life soon. So I feel that it’s time to hand that over to her and stop featuring her so much on the blog. M of course is younger but the time will come for her too.

I’ve also become increasingly interested in my sciency rants. There is a vast amount of ludicrous, patronising and occasionally downright dangerous “information” handed out to pregnant women and parents. It infuriates me that it’s ok for alarmist advice to be given or products to be sold off the back of dubious “scientific evidence”. Or for pregnant women to be treated as little more than reckless foetus carrying devices, who can’t be trusted to make adult decisions. It’s not an area often covered by UK “mummy blogs” but as I have a background in science I hope I can use this to help a few people better understand the issues. Or at least provide a bit of entertainment while venting my fury!

So, spurred on by a post today on the Tots100 site, it’s time for a re-brand.

This is where I need your help. I need a new name for the blog that better conveys it’s purpose, but I am really struggling to come up with anything. So I’m hoping someone out there can do better. The name needs to be easy to remember and somehow related to science and mum/parent. It also can’t be an existing brand name or blog, (but I can check this out for any I like).

So please, save me from my total lack of ideas – post suggestions in the comments below or on facebook if you prefer. Then bear with me – the new look blog will be coming soon!


One response to “Name Me – I Need Your Help!”

  1. Never can resist a caption competition. Scienceymum? Some kind of twist on vitriol for a rants angle? Mumscience? I have registered these domains and will sell them to you for one meelion dollah. Sophie


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