The Best Mothers Day Gift

Bring Your Own Mum Night with NotOnTheHightStreet #BYOM

This is my Mum, and a glass a fizz. Sadly a bit of a rare sight around here, Mum that is, not the booze (ok, no, that sounds bad).

My Mum lives in deepest darkest Devonshire. I (and the clue’s in the name here) am in South London. So taking her out for the night on Mothers Day never really happens. It’s usually a case of a card in the post and a gift bought on line and sent directly to her. But last week I was lucky enough to be invited to the NotOnTheHighStreet Bring Your Own Mum event. NotOnTheHighStreet is exactly the sort of place where I normally hunt out those online gifts, the slightly unusual or more personal things that, I hope, can show love and a bit of effort, even at a distance. So, I jumped at the chance to go and Mum jumped on a train.

We’d been promised cocktails, nibbles and entertainment, but what was really nice was the first hour or so when (with the cocktails and nibbles), I could just have a really good chat to my Mum. These days our conversations usually happen via Skype with my four year old doing some kind of performance art and the toddler trying to find new and spectacular ways to injure herself. Needless to say not much actual talking happens, so a solid hour of grown up conversation is frankly a gift in itself!

Some of the lovely gifts on display – this bag would look great with my shoes if anyone is interested….

The big news of the night was that NotOnTheHighStreet are about to start selling experiences, but not your standard track day, spa day, air-balloon type experience.  As a taster we were treated to a quick trip through the history of fragrance by Odette Toilette, who passed perfume infused feathers around the room. From a rather over powering 1930’s number, through nostalgic scents from from the 1970’s,  to Anais Ansais  (a previous mothers day gift from me), and some I remember from my own teenage years – Bodyshop White Musk anyone?

Perfumed feather, and a rather nice cocktail

I was very excited to discover that our entertainment was comedian Shappi Khorsandi, who is always very funny. I could honestly now spend half an hour listing all the stuff that made me laugh but I’ll just say she was a Mum talking about being a Mum to a room full of Mums. There is so much comic potential in that and she drew it out wonderfully.

So all in all a great night (apart from falling flat on my face on Oxford Street on the way home!). Great entertainment, lovely food, drink and gifts and the best present of the night – some time for a busy mother and daughter, to just sit and have a good old natter.

My only regret – I was too full for the cupcakes!

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