Working Mum Images

This morning I was a proper working mum. You know the type, they look like this: // Skinny decaf soya latte in one hand, kid in the other while also managing to take a urgent phone call and look slightly stressed yet smartly dressed and immaculately groomed. For a moment I thought – “that’s what… Continue reading Working Mum Images

Birth Choice, Evidence and Squishy Biology

  ***Warning: The Following Post Contains Scenes of Gratuitous Statistics*** I like scientific evidence. I think that much will have become clear to any regular readers that I have. But what may also have become apparent is that it’s not simple. Experiments and studies rarely give us definite black or white answers that apply to… Continue reading Birth Choice, Evidence and Squishy Biology

Vote SouthwarkBelle

// So, do you like the new look? I live in a constant state of doubt with this blog. Does anyone other than me actually care about the things I rant about? Why am I spending so much time on this when time is such a rare commodity these days? Sometimes I consider jacking it… Continue reading Vote SouthwarkBelle