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So, do you like the new look?

I live in a constant state of doubt with this blog. Does anyone other than me actually care about the things I rant about? Why am I spending so much time on this when time is such a rare commodity these days? Sometimes I consider jacking it in and getting a few more early nights instead.

These doubts are even stronger at this time of year. This is when nominations are happening for some of the parent blogging awards. Every year I look at them and every year I have decide not to enter. There has never been a category that I seemed to fit in. There are some amazing blogs out there and I certainly wouldn’t consider myself to be Best Blog or Best Writer material, but the specialist categories have always been for things like food, crafts and fashion. All things I like (especially the food!), but not things I write about.

So why am I still here?

Because, just sometimes, some small but lovely things happen.

Some complete strangers read some things I’ve written and make the effort to send me a tweet, saying they’d enjoyed it and they agree with me.

A friend I’ve not heard from in a while, unasked, tells me she enjoys my blog.

One of the blogging awards gets some new categories.

So here I am with a whole new look and a resolution to continue. Thank you so much to everyone who has taken the time to read, comment, tweet, share, like etc. etc. over the years. Can I now ask you a favour?

Vote for me!

I would be so grateful if you could vote for this blog in the 2014 Brilliance in Blogging awards. Just click on the picture above and fill in the form, it’ll only take a couple of minutes. I’m particularly looking at the Health and Commentary & Campaigns categories, but you can vote in as many as you like. 
This blog doesn’t really fit in with the parent blogging world a lot of the time, but I am delighted to see the new categories the BiBs have introduced this year. It just goes to show how diverse the interests of today’s parents are. Even if this goes nowhere and I don’t even make the shortlist, it would be great to promote the blog a little bit more and to get something a little bit different entered into the awards. Maybe even convince a few more people that we parents can love cooking, crafting, clothes  and a good dose of sciencey stuff.
Thank you!

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