London With A Four Year Old: The Natural History Museum And Beyond

For those who like them, sorry for the lack of science rants recently, if you’re going to blog about people getting complicated stuff wrong you have to put in a lot of time making sure you aren’t also talking out of your  own *ahem* and time has been in short supply of late.

Today’s strike didn’t really help with that, but rather than moaning about it I decided to make the best of my far too short notice surprise day of annual leave. Miss M was in nursery so I had a rare opportunity for a day out in our home city, with just my big girl and no school holiday crowds. 
For those with only tiny children – it is so liberating to have a day out with no buggy, changing bag or fixed meal and nap times. We headed off with just rain coats and an Oyster card (and Ana of course) and had a great day – here it is in photos.
Waiting for the train
Pulling faces in the train window
The Natural History Museum – amazing before you even get through the door.
Bring on the Dinos
Anamatronic T-Rex, I’ll be honest, it was a little scary
Contemplating a blue whale tail
Lunch time treat in the museum restaurant
Watching the Guards at Buckingham Palace
After a long hunt we finally found one of the Pelicans in St James’s Park
Then her buddies turned up too
Hourseguards Parade
Bloomin tourists
Finally worn out we “drive” the number 12 bus past Parliment, Big Ben and the London eye, all the way home.
Miss E was fast asleep by the time we past our old home 

2 responses to “London With A Four Year Old: The Natural History Museum And Beyond”

  1. I remember a visit to the Natural History where a certain future scientist told the staff that one of the dinosaur labels was wrong…and she was right! (aged about 6, I might add). x


  2. haha really? I don't remember that. Totally something that Miss E would do though so I can believe it!


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