2014 In Pictures

I’ve deliberately been writing less about my kids on this blog this year, focusing on the health stories and bad science that far fewer “mummy bloggers” write about. I guess I’m finding a niche as all those how to be a blogger posts tell you to.  But I’ve really enjoyed putting together a few memories in past years and I often return to those posts again and again. I take so many photos, it’s easy with a camera phone to snap away all the time but I rarely get the chance to actually comeback to those images and remember all the great times we have in between all the ordinary business of work, school, and general life. So here are a few, though by no means all, the best bits of 2014.

A trip to see the butterflies at RHS Wisley

At half term we visited Greenwich. While other parts of London were packed with tourists, it was strangely quiet, if very cold, and MissM, on the brink of walking, explored the famous painted hall.
A few little firsts: My first attempt the at the dreaded World Book Day costume came out pretty well, MissE got her first proper bike and Me and F had out first night away since MissM was born as we celebrated our wedding anniversary at a little boutique hotel in Margate. (Where I learnt that, even without kids to wake you up you still can’t get a good nights sleep if you are not used to drinking any more and have a Bellini, half a bottle of wine and an espresso Martini with dinner! fool)

We headed off to Coombe Mill farm in Cornwall for another wonderful week, I think this was our fourth year and it gets better every time. MissE was rather taken by the train driver, and MissM got thoroughly wet and sandy on a nearby beach.

In May the dreaded Chicken Pox struck us, which meant that poor MissM was stuck at home with Daddy while me and MissE headed off for some Mummy-Daughter time under canvas at the lovely Feast In The Woods Festival

On a glorious June day we celebrated the wedding of one of the girls (many) Aunties. Which gave me the perfect excuse to dress them up in matching frocks!

The Summer really kicked off in July when we headed out on the recently invented ancient Nunhead festival of Beating The Bounds.
The end of MissE’s first year of school meant her first ever sports day

And once the holidays were underway we got a chance for a day out with just the two of us being totally touristy

Next we headed off to Spain for a small amount of walking, a fair bit of splashing and a heck of a lot of eating!

In August we were back in our trusty tent again, this time at the Just So Festival (I can only imagine how cold mermaid lady must have been!)

And it was MissE’s birthday which meant magic tricks and of course the obligatory Frozen costume

In September we celebrated my parent’s Ruby wedding anniversary at center parcs and of course it was back to school for year 1

October half term couldn’t come soon enough and we headed to Devon to hit the beach (well wrapped up!)

With Grandparents on tap to babysit F and I even got chance for a long walk on Dartmoor. We could barely see, but it was worth it to remember how much we enjoyed walking together before we were doing it pushing a buggy and stopping to say hello to every individual ant!

Astonishingly MissM is now 2! Time is just flying but I love this age, even if she has mastered the terrible twos tantrums already!
Both girls had a really wonderful Christmas this year. We started to get into the spirit by visiting Father Christmas at the museum of London

We also had a trip to the museum of London docklands, where MissM had a go at being a builder

As the big day drew nearer we kept tabs on father Christmas with the NORAD Santa tracker
And of course there was plenty of cooking and eating!

So that’s that for 2014. Thanks to everyone who has continued to read my blog this year and to all the new people who have found me one way or another! Thanks also for all the comments, shares and retweets for what I write, it’s always much appreciated. I hope you all have some good memories of 2014 too and even more to come in 2015!
Happy New Year from the SouthwarkBelle family!

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