Saturday Morning

And now for something completely different…

Saturday morning before kids:


SB: *yawn* I’m tired, can we skip that party tonight and watch a DVD?

MrSB: ok

SB: Cool, let’s have a lie in, then get Dim Sum and play Mario Karts all day.

MrSB: ok

Saturday morning after kids:


SB: *Yawn* I’m tired, but shall we try to have a “date night” and stream a film tonight?

MrSB: ok

SB: Cool, but I’ll be too knackered to concentrate after 10.30 so we’d better get the kids to bed on time.

Which means they’ll have to have dinner at 5, so I’ll have to start cooking at 4 and we’d better take them to the park before that to wear them out which means MissM needs to go down for her nap by 1 or there won’t be time.

So we’d better have lunch at 12 and we’d better be home by 11.30 to make it so we’ll have to come straight home after swimming lessons which means going to the shops before the lessons and getting all the swimming stuff ready before that.

Oh and we really need to do the laundry.

So basically we can watch a film tonight if we get up half an hour ago.

Still, it’s nice to be at home for a relaxed weekend sometimes.

MrSB: ok

I may be over thinking things. Tell me I’m not the only one?


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