Welcome To The New Southwarkbelle

Notice anything different?

Well if I’ve managed to do this properly then southwarkbelle.com will now bring you here, my new WordPress blog.

I decided it was time to try swapping over as WordPress is easily the main platform for blogs now and I need to use it for my reviews over on Festivalkidz.com. So it’s time I learned how it works (if you have no idea what I’m on about, dont’t worry, it doesn’t matter).

It’s not terribly pretty here at the moment. Especially with the older posts that I moved across, the formatting has gone a little squiffy and a lot of the pictures have disappeared. I did start down the rabbit hole of trying to set up a gorgeous theme with lovely images, menus etc. etc. but that could easily have eaten up months and my time is very limited. If I’m lucky I can grab an hour while MissA naps and the other two are at school and maybe another hour between them all going to bed and me collapsing on the sofa barely able to think. So I’ll make it look nice later, right now I want to try and use those precious hours for actually writing stuff.

Time is precious

My first love is and will always be the science posts. The ones where I pick apart news stories about parenting, read the papers and look at the evidence. But they take a lot of time. They also depend on a news story happening on a day when I actually have that time which is frustratingly rare. So I’m going to keep on doing them but I also hope to add in some other stuff too, all of it roughly connecting science, health and parenting.

My hope here is that I can grow the blog a bit more and reach a few more readers. I have almost six months of maternity leave left and a baby who (please don’t let this jinx it) is sleeping reasonably well so this seems like the perfect time.

I’ve had quite a few people compliment my writing, which is always lovely. My challenge now is to see if I can do it more often and to some kind of schedule. I’ve been writing blogs for nearly nine years but always in a rather haphazard way. My understanding of the dark arts of promotion and getting new readers is even more limited. But I have to start somewhere and I’m going to try to start with just writing more. Not waiting for those rare serendipitous moments when time and inspiration collide.

So please read, comment and share if I manage to put out anything of any interest and if you are also a blogger trying to up your game this year please say hello, advice is very much welcome too!

See you soon – hopefully



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